Reference data service platform

UK Government

The United Kingdom is a world-leader in the release of open government data.

The UK Government’s release of its data supports their transparency agenda, helping people to better understand how government works, deliver value for money in public spending and to realise significant economic benefits by enabling people and organisations to build innovative applications and websites using public data.

Listpoint is published on the Cabinet Office ICT ASK register as a reusable asset for public administration projects. The platform is also registered on the European Commission’s Community of European Semantic Assets Repositories (CESAR), providing reference data assets. Listpoint is also a recognised supplier by the Open Government Partnership, set up to help Governments meet their OGP commitments.

Listpoint helps to collaborate, coordinate and drive common reference data standards across government by providing the tools to organise government data lists in one useful, trusted and secure environment.

Listpoint also helps deliver government ICT projects more quickly and at a lower cost by:

  • Overcoming the challenge when integrating parallel reference data (code lists)
  • Re-using reference data that already exists and sourcing all reference data from a single point
  • Validating and maintaining reference data for long term quality control
  • Reducing the data design costs (no need to enforce top down data standards)
  • Reducing the need to build and maintain costly interfaces
  • Reducing the need to change, update or create bespoke IT systems

Listpoint is already being used by many government departments and more than 1000 government code lists are already available on the platform.

Listpoint was a critical component in enabling the successful development of the Police National Database (PND) solution in 2011, saving the project in excess of £2.5 million. Find out more about Listpoint’s role in making PND happen here.

For further information about Listpoint’s use within the UK government, contact us today.

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