Reference data service platform

Listpoint in depth

Listpoint is the trusted open platform for reference data management professionals.

As an open platform, Listpoint cuts through the Big Data hype by providing an Enterprise-class solution at the cost of the cloud – or even free when used with publically available data sets.

Developers, analysts, and data stewards can now more easily, and affordably, tackle the hurdles – such as how to manage competing data standards – to unlock the potential of Big Data and Open Data.

At the heart of the Big Data revolution, Listpoint has:

  • more than 20,000 code lists on the system and growing
  • a range of online validation facilities to improve quality
  • the ability to map competing data standards together
  • automated updates and alerts

Listpoint is the trusted global repository and toolbox for code list reference data, overcoming significant challenges by:

  • enabling consistent meanings across diverse applications
  • strengthening governance around code lists giving better version control and maintenance
  • keeping systems and people updated
  • lowering costs to build and maintain changing data standards.

Listpoint also supports communities of practice across multiple systems and organisations which collaborate to create common data standards.

This unique, web-based, service, combines:

  • Tools, to map together diverse reference data with
  • a central hub, for hosting and discovering industry and organisation data standards
  • a powerful community forum to enable reference data to be improved and re-used
  • distributed updates to advise impacted users, systems and members

Listpoint services make sense of all data sources by supporting the use of legacy systems, their retirement over time and reducing the cost of data integration projects.

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