Reference data service platform

Getting the most out of government data

Governments can realise significant social and economic gains by releasing more of their data.

Innovative and tangible results can be achieved more quickly, and public administration costs reduced further, if that data is released faster if that data is made more interoperable.

Governments around the world are now publishing data sets including reference data in the shape of code lists and classifications. However, code list standards differ, even when the data means the same thing and this makes it difficult, at best, to get real value out of this initiative.

Listpoint helps the developer community get the most of open government data by providing a means to join data standards together, through the on-line Listpoint service.

Listpoint embraces all reference data standards that exist across the diverse range of applications and provides the tools to join them together. Immediately and without the need to impose a top down data standard, you have the means to make sense of all the data held in silos across applications, departments and even borders.

Having the tools to help understand the bigger picture will allow developers to exploit the data far more effectively and help deliver tangible returns from the investment in open government data

Systems and data integrators can deploy projects more quickly and at a lower cost by reusing data and systems, reducing the data design phase and the complexity of interfaces. Interoperability is achieved quickly without the need to mandate a single standard upfront, saving cost on ICT replacement and allowing standards to be developed through a process of collaborative evolution.

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