Reference data service platform

Product features

Code List Discovery

Find, copy, download and re-use over 3,000 publically available, data standard code lists on Listpoint

Code List Validation

Load and validate your flat, hierarchy and tree structured reference data using over 30 in-built validation rules. Quickly cleanse, consolidate and improve reference data across applications and standards


Group your code lists into private contexts for sharing across a project or member organisation. A context provides a single place for all interested parties to find and collaborate around standards

Mappings and Translation

Map competing and diverse standards together using auto-mapping tools. The XML output can be used by other applications to quickly and efficiently translate data from all sources


Once your code lists, contexts and mappings have been validated, the results can be exported in a variety of formats including spreadsheets, XML and SKOS.

Governance and Change Alerts

All content is managed via strict versioning controls, with start and end dates and extensive validation rules. Using automated e-mail alerts and web services all changes are broadcast to consuming users and systems

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