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Join a growing community of developers, systems and data integrators and boutique software communities who are developing innovative solutions today, thanks to Listpoint.

Listpoint encourages the development of new toolsets, widgets, interfaces, plug-ins and open source code modules so that every sector, market and developer community can share, leverage and drive their list management solution needs.

So whether you're creating more streamlined interfaces between systems, utilising our mapping tools and web services, or wishing to create an add-on for a customer or market need, we have the toolset to get you up and running in no time.

Listpoint is also a key contributor to a new online service, launched by the EU, where developers find and re-use semantic assets and therefore promote semantic interoperability. More than one thousand assets from fifteen organisations can already be found via the European Commission Joinup Portal.


A Visual Studio Toolbox control has been created which allows you to easily consume any accessible list held on Listpoint and display its contents on your webpage as a drop down or radio list.

Simply click here to downloaded a zip file containing the control. Once downloaded, extract its contents and run the .vsi file to install the control within Visual Studio 2008 and 2010.

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