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Name UK Connecting For Health Data Standards v1.0
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Status Latest Latest
Scope Application Application
Type Data Standard Data Standard
Publication Policy Public
Description The NHS Data Model and Dictionary provides a reference point for assured information standards to support health care activities within the NHS in England. Please note, this dataset is only a partial release which only covers around 5% of the total dataset. Further releases of this content will add progressive extensions to the dataset.
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Usage Guidelines Phase 1 Publication. Please note this dataset is not yet complete, and only covers around 5-10% of the final dataset. All information published here is sourced from the Connecting for Health Data Dictionary as of Dec 2011. Information is published under Open Government Licence, but implementers should always verify they are using the most up to date standards as published at
Reason for change Previous version was a demonstration version containing a small subset of Connecting for Health Code lists. This version includes a much more comprehensive listing of CFH code lists.

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Data Type NameTypeuses Code ListStatusScope
Accident and Emergency Arrival ModeEnumerationUK National Health Service_A AND E ARRIVAL MODE v1LatestApplication
Accident and Emergency Department TypeEnumerationUK National Health Service_Accident and Emergency Department Type v1LatestApplication
Accident and Emergency Investigation TablesEnumerationUK National Health Service - Accident and Emergency Investigation Tables v1LatestApplication
Accident and Emergency Treatment TablesEnumerationUK National Health Service_Accident and Emergency Treatment Tables v1LatestApplication
Activity Date Time TypeEnumerationUK National Health Service_Activity Date Time Type v1LatestApplication
Activity Group TypeEnumerationUK National Health Service_Activity Group Type v1LatestApplication
Activity Location Type CodeEnumerationUK National Health Service_Activity Location Type Code v1LatestApplication
Activity Property TypeEnumerationUK National Health Service_Activity Property Type v1LatestApplication
Acute Home Based Telephone ContactEnumerationUK National Health Service_Acute Home-Based Telephone Contact v1LatestApplication
Address AssociationEnumerationUK National Health Service_Address Association Type v1LatestApplication
Address Format TypeEnumerationUK National Health Service_Address Format Type v1LatestApplication
Administrative Category CodeEnumerationUK National Health Service_Administrative Category Code v1LatestApplication
Admission Booking System TypeEnumerationUK National Health Service_Admission Booking System Type v1LatestApplication
Admission MethodEnumerationUK National Health Service_Admission Method v1LatestApplication
Admission Offer OutcomeEnumerationUK National Health Service_Admission Offer Outcome v1LatestApplication
ADULT MENTAL HEALTH CARE SPELL SUSPENSION REASONEnumerationUK National Health Service - Adult Mental Health Care Spell Suspension Reason v1LatestApplication
Adult Mental Health Care Team TypeEnumerationUK National Health Service_Adult Mental Health Care Team Type v1LatestApplication
Age Group IntendedEnumerationUK National Health Service_Age Group Intended v1LatestApplication
Albuminuria StageEnumerationUK National Health Service_Albuminuria Stage v1LatestApplication
Alcohol Status CodeEnumerationUK National Health Service_Alcohol Status Code v1LatestApplication
AMI Admission DiagnosisEnumerationUK National Health Service_AMI ADMISSION DIAGNOSIS v1LatestApplication
AMI Admission Ward TypeEnumerationUK National Health Service_AMI ADMISSION WARD TYPE v1LatestApplication
AMI Admitting Consultant TypeEnumerationUK National Health Service_AMI ADMITTING CONSULTANT TYPE v1LatestApplication
AMI Cause of Death in HospitalEnumerationUK National Health Service_AMI CAUSE OF DEATH IN HOSPITAL v1LatestApplication
AMI Discharge DiagnosisEnumerationUK National Health Service_AMI DISCHARGE DIAGNOSIS v1LatestApplication
AMI Drug TypeEnumerationUK National Health Service_AMI DRUG TYPE v1LatestApplication
AMI History Item TypeEnumerationUK National Health Service_AMI HISTORY ITEM TYPE v1LatestApplication
Anaesthetic or Analgesic CategoryEnumerationUK National Health Service_ANAESTHETIC OR ANALGESIC CATEGORY v1LatestApplication
Anatomical AreaEnumerationUK National Health Service_ANATOMICAL AREA v1LatestApplication
Anatomical SideEnumerationUK National Health Service_ANATOMICAL SIDE v1LatestApplication
Antenatal or Postnatal IndicatorEnumerationUK National Health Service_ANTENATAL OR POSTNATAL INDICATOR v1LatestApplication
Application Identifier GS1 StandardsEnumerationUK National Health Service_APPLICATION IDENTIFIER GS1 v1LatestApplication
Appointment Booking System TypeEnumerationUK National Health Service_APPOINTMENT BOOKING SYSTEM TYPE v1LatestApplication
APPOINTMENT BOOKING TYPEEnumerationUK National Health Service - Appointment Booking Type v1LatestApplication
Appointment Classification CodeEnumerationUK National Health Service_Appointment Classificaton Code v1LatestApplication
Appointment First AttendedEnumerationUK National Health Service_Appointment First Attended v1LatestApplication
Appointment Offer Accepted or RefusedEnumerationUK National Health Service_APPOINTMENT OFFER ACCEPTED OR REFUSED v1LatestApplication
Appointment Offer Refused ReasonEnumerationUK National Health Service_APPOINTMENT OFFER REFUSED REASON v1LatestApplication
Appointment Offer Slot StatusEnumerationUK National Health Service - APPOINTMENT OFFER SLOT STATUS v1LatestApplication
Appointment Offer Verbal or WrittenEnumerationUK National Health Service_APPOINTMENT OFFER VERBAL OR WRITTEN v1LatestApplication
Appointment Slot StatusEnumerationUK National Health Service_APPOINTMENT SLOT STATUS v1LatestApplication
Appointment Slot TypeEnumerationUK National Health Service_APPOINTMENT SLOT TYPE v1LatestApplication
Appointment TypeEnumerationUK National Health Service_Appointment Type v1LatestApplication
Appointment Type for Improving Access to Psychological TherapiesEnumerationUK National Health Service_APPOINTMENT TYPE FOR ACCESS TO PSYCHO THERAPIES v1LatestApplication
Appraisal Review Type CodeEnumerationUK National Health Service - APPRAISAL REVIEW TYPE CODE v1LatestApplication
Approved for High Security Psychiatric Services (HSPS)EnumerationUK National Health Service_APPROVED FOR HSPS v1LatestApplication
Arithmetic ComparatorEnumerationUK National Health Service_ARITHMETIC COMPARATOR v1LatestApplication
ASA Physical Status Classification System CodeEnumerationUK National Health Service_ASA PHYSICAL STATUS CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM CODE v1LatestApplication
Aspirin Therapy Location CodeEnumerationUK National Health Service_ASPIRIN THERAPY LOCATION CODE v1LatestApplication
Breast Feeding IndicatorEnumerationUK National Health Service - BREAST FEEDING INDICATOR v1LatestApplication
CANCER TREATMENT MODALITYEnumerationUK National Health Service - Cancer Treatment Modality v1LatestApplication
CARDIAC ARREST LOCATIONEnumerationUK National Health Service - Cardiac Arrest Location v1LatestApplication
Immunisation Course TypeEnumerationImmunisation Course Type v1LatestApplication
Job RoleEnumerationNHS Job Role v3.4LatestApplication
Job Role Staff GroupEnumerationNHS Job Role v3.4LatestApplication
Patient Classification TypeEnumerationPatient Classfication v1LatestApplication
Person Marital StatusEnumerationNHS Person Marital Status v3.2LatestApplication
Referral Closure Reason for Community CareEnumerationUK National Health Care_REFERRAL CLOSURE REASON FOR COMMUNITY CARE v1LatestApplication
SIGHT TEST FORM COMPLETEDEnumerationUK National Health Service_SIGHT TEST FORM COMPLETED v1LatestApplication
UK Hospital ISD Codes (Scotland) v1EnumerationUK Hospital ISD Codes (Scotland) v1LatestApplication
UK Internal CodeEnumerationUK Internal Code v2.0LatestUK Government
Vaccine Preventable Disease TypeEnumerationVaccine Preventable Disease v1LatestInternational