Reference data service platform

The Listpoint Mission Statement and Charter

Listpoint’s Mission Statement

We passionately believe that lists can make a real difference.

We understand that without lists there is no structure or foundation to reference data or more simply said, there is no ‘data culture’

We believe that public data, including non-security related government data, being open and accessible to all provides major benefits to society:

  • Social wellbeing – Services based on aggregated data can deliver improved social outcomes, such as reduced crime and improved safety
  • Economic benefits – Services which utilise open data and shared tools can reduce the cost burden of IT
  • Policy achievements – The publication, analysis and use of open data supports transparency and accountability and drives down the cost of public services

We have established Listpoint with a single aim, to facilitate the publishing, downloading and sharing of reference data (code lists) for the greater good of society.

Our aim is to provide a platform for anyone and everyone to participate and organise, mobilise and be creative around data lists and data standards.

The Listpoint Charter

At Listpoint, we have made the following commitments to support open data communities all over the world:

  • We will act appropriately and with ethics even when no one is watching.
  • We will combine integrity with frankness and honesty
  • We recognise that we need to act as good custodians of public data
  • We will aim to be transparent in how we manage the Listpoint services and platform
  • We will ensure that all lists that are published freely on Listpoint will remain free to the world to reuse for the greater good forever
  • We will recognise the effort of open data communities and build a platform that supports open data and standards to turn data into outcomes

We will stand by these commitments and are happy to be judged against them